Drug development

Our company develops the novel drugs for the treatment of postoperative pain as our first and proprietary pipeline.

Specifically, researchers at the Graduate School of Medicine of Kyoto University had discovered a novel compound that has been shown to be at least as effective at suppressing nociceptive pain as opioids such as morphine in in vivo pharmacological studies conducted on mice and cynomolgus monkeys. This compound has not demonstrated any potential issues with toxicity such as behavioral changes, drug dependence, gastrointestinal symptoms, or respiratory depression even at high doses of several dozen times its effective dose, and it can now be developed into a therapeutic drug for pain management which has a new mechanism of action.


R&D support

Our company provides development support and consulting services for researchers who are interested in development the results of their academic research.

We offer support for the preparation of proposals for raising public funding as well as online consulting services for essential non-clinical studies, CMC, and the design of clinical trials to ensure that development can proceed smoothly. No consulting fees will be charged until the public funding whose acquisition we assist with has been secured.