Drug Discovery

We are engaged in incubation aimed at the commercialization of drugs for the treatment of postoperative pain as our first proprietary pipeline.

Specifically, Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Medicine has discovered a new compound that exhibits inhibitory effects on nociceptive pain that are equivalent or superior to those of the opoid morphine in in vivo pharmacological studies using mice and cynomolgus monkeys. This compound did not demonstrate any toxic effects such as behavioral changes, dependence, gastrointestinal symptoms, or respiratory depression even at doses several dozen times higher than the drug’s effective concentration, making it possible to develop a new drug for the treatment of pain through a new mechanism of action.

R&D support

We provide development-related support and consulting services for researchers who seek to commercialize findings made in academic research.

We promote commercialization efforts by providing support for the preparation of proposals for obtaining public funding as well as online consulting services for essential pre-clinical studies, CMC, and the design of clinical trials. There is no charge for our consulting services until the public funding for which we have provided support is secured.